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Delivery times refer to the days required for assignment to the courier and are indicated in all product data sheets. When the package is shipped from our warehouses, you will receive a confirmation email in which you will find a link on which to click and track the goods in transit.
Have you ordered more products? Take the product with the longest shipping times as a reference.

The customer is always informed about the status of the shipment by e-mail or free SMS to inform him instantly when:
1) the order has been taken over
2) the goods have left

Even if you are not present at the delivery address, the courier will make 2 attempts, afterwards the goods will remain in the nearest branch, our shipping office will contact you to arrange delivery again.
-We are still asking you to be present at the address because every delivery attempt has costs for us and we are still offering a shipment without additional storage costs.

We remind you that couriers are not required to deliver to the floor, but deliver exclusively to the street level. We therefore advise you to always keep the order tracking in order to better organize the delivery.

The customer is not required to download the goods even if bulky, our national contracts with the Carriers include the use of vehicles with Hydraulic Lift "a van mechanism useful to bring the bulky product mechanically to the street level".
- This service is free

Within 2 hours from when the order was made by sending an email to
Have you already received notification of the shipment of the order? You can still forward your request to the email
Please note: in the event of a change of destination, the shipment may be delayed for 2-3 working days.

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00
- it is possible to enter the address of a work station / acquaintance / local always open etc ..
- Eventually it is also possible to request, at the cost of 5.00 €, the delivery notice that allows the recipients to know in advance their delivery time of the goods.
It is not possible to make appointments for delivery at fixed times or days.

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All published prices are inclusive of VAT.

The information on may be subject to change without notice. Italy - VAT number 07850480729


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