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Isoka open wall unit 40x40 white ash

Isoka open wall unit 40x40 white ash

€ 159,00 Discount 62.9%


Code: 007415
Brand: Itamoby
Environment: White
Availability: Available

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Isoka L.40 H.40 per day

Isoka open cubic container wall unit W.40 H.40, a piece of furniture of great style and great versatility, which certainly cannot be missing on the wall of a living room, hall, TV corner or corridor! With essential, simple and elegant lines, this module will in any case know how to renew the home environments with its light and very modern spirit.

Another peculiarity of great importance is certainly the depth, of 40cm, a measure higher than the standard in circulation, which therefore allows you to store various kinds of objects inside, so as to always keep everything in order: CDs, DVDs, documents, books, plans, decorations, and so on, everything will find its space.

It can be used both individually and in combination with other wall units from the Isoka line, so as to create an ad hoc composition, perfectly in line with one's needs and tastes.

The piece of furniture arrives disassembled.

Made of wood microparticles

Dimension: Width 40 cm - Height 40 cm - Depth 39.5 cm


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